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How Much Do Pig Farmers Make?

Have you ever wondered how much do pig farmers make? What is a pig farm profit margin? Maybe you’re wanting to start a hog farm of your own and want to see if the numbers make sense. At Sun Farmer’s Group, many of our clients are hog farmers from across the country. In this article, we will go over how much you can expect to make as a pig farmer, where pig farming is most prevalent, and how you can make even more money in the future.

Introduction to Hog Farming

Hog farming has been a tradition in the continental United States since the colonial era when most farmers raised free-roaming pigs. In its most basic state, a hog farmer is someone who raises pigs or hogs with the intention of selling them for food. With the rise of farming technology, a growing population, and an expanding demand for meat, hog farming has elevated into a multi-billion dollar industry. This industry is a significant driver in the American agricultural economy and produces thousands of jobs. 

How to Start a Hog Farm

The vast majority of hog farms are generational, passed down through families with the knowledge necessary to run a farm. However, some modern-day hog farmers are first generation. We won’t go into all of the details you will need to know about starting a hog farm, but below are a few considerations before determining whether or not it’s the right agricultural business for you and your family. 


This is actually some of the good news. With modern innovations and the fact that pigs only need about 8 square feet of space to grow, you will not need nearly as much space as traditional row cropping farmers. Depending on the scale of your operation and how you plan to raise your hogs, you will need to ensure you have adequate rural space before starting your business. 


Pigs require lots of water and food and go through several stages of care before being sold for consumption, including breeding and weaning. More importantly, the amount of heating and ventilation systems necessary are significant and costly to maintain. You should expect to spend a significant amount of capital setting up your operation. 


It seems like a given, but you will need to purchase pigs for your farm before you can start. Find a reputable pig breeder in your area to get an idea for the cost and how many pigs you intend to raise to market weight before selling them off. This will vary greatly based on the size of the farm and goals. 

Maintenance & Labor

Running and maintaining a profitable hog farm is hard, dangerous work. You will need to make a plan to maintain the day-to-day operations of the farm. That may include hiring help to assist you and adhering to strict health and safety measures along the way to keep you and your workers safe.

Which State Has the Most Hog Farms?

Iowa leads the nation in hog farming, touting a third of hogs in the United States. Minnesota and North Carolina are close behind. This density of hog farms in these top states is not an accident. For instance, Iowa’s massive production of corn and soybean is a logistical win for hog farmers considering what pigs eat on a farm. Additionally, the mild climate and heavy rainfall of North Carolina makes for optimal conditions and allows year-round production. You can read more about North Carolina hog farming in this article

Is Hog Farming Profitable?

There are many variables that go into the profit margin of a hog farm, including the size of the farm, the state, and the skill/experience of the farmer who is maintaining the operation. According to a 2024 aggregate from Comparably, the average income for a hog farmer based in the United States is $66,371 annually without factoring in tax reductions. There are new innovations in hog farming happening every year that make certain processes more efficient and sustainable that can boost your profitability and put more money in your pocket. 

How Solar Energy Helps Hog Farmers

At Sun Farmer’s Group, we know that electricity is one of if not the most expensive bill for running a hog farm. The two biggest culprits for energy consumption on a hog farm are heating and ventilation. For decades, farmers have been left with no choice but to be at the mercy of greedy power companies. We have developed a turnkey solar solution with our team of in-house experts that can help you turn a growing power bill into a shrinking one that eventually is eliminated altogether. If you want to learn more about how Sun Farmer’s Group can start saving you money, call 877-417-3222 today!

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