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Future of Hog Farming

What is the future of hog farming? What are the current issues facing hog farming in America? Have there been any recent innovations in hog farming? At Sun Farmer’s Group, we’ve been lucky enough to see first hand some of the strides that have been made in hog farming in recent years. With everything from automated feeding programs to smart technology used to keep pigs happy and healthy, farmers have been able to become more efficient and increase productivity unlike ever before. In this article, we will discuss the current challenges hog farmers face and how the future of hog farming might look.

Current Challenges for Commercial Hog Farms

For the average hog farmer in America, shrinking profit margins are all too real. Whether it’s the rising cost of goods or inflation caused by geopolitical turmoil, this global economic strife has a trickle down effect on farmers. There are also environmental factors that specifically affect both the livestock and the level of production on a hog farm. Record high temperatures over recent years have been an added stress on pigs on farms. This also means that farmers have seen an increase in cooling and ventilation, leading to higher energy bills. All of these factors have forced farmers to explore creative solutions to help cut costs wherever they can.

How Hog Farmers Can Benefit from Sustainable Farming Practices

Although agricultural sustainability has often come at a high price monetarily, it can save farmers money in the long run and have a positive impact on the environment. Below are a few ways farmers can benefit from sustainable farming practices.

Use Hog Manure

Using hog manure to enrich soil is an easy way to start incorporating sustainability on any hog farm. The manure is nutrient rich and, when used correctly, can greatly reduce the need for costly fertilizers. This is specifically advantageous for hog farmers who also have a traditional row cropping operation nearby, allowing one side of the farm to benefit the other.

Alternative Pig Feed

Alternative pig feed such as sunflower meal and sesame meal are great options to consider for hog farmers. Traditionally, hog diets consist primarily of corn and soybeans. Unfortunately, soybean farming is one of the top contributors to deforestation. By switching to an alternative, farmers can lessen their environmental impact.

Methane Digesters

Methane digesters convert organic manure on hog farms into biogas that can be burned to generate power. Not only can this reduce the use of non-renewable energy, but it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and unpleasant odors that are often the result of hog farming.

Solar Power Farming Can Save Hog Farmers Money

The elephant in the room for hog farming is the massive amount of electricity it takes to power a full-scale commercial operation. Although there are plenty of amazing strides being taken to innovate the industry, the only surefire way to start saving farmers money while reducing the environmental impact is to implement a solar program. Heating/cooling and ventilation are the primary “energy hogs” on any pig farm. The rising cost of electricity has meant that farmers have been left with no choice other than to pay the power companies their rates without any negotiation. Solar serves as a beacon of hope for farmers to finally cut the cord with power companies and enjoy energy independence. You can learn more about the pros and cons of solar energy by reading this article

How Sun Farmer’s Group Solves Solar

Sun Farmer’s Group is the first true turnkey solution for agricultural solar energy. Our proprietary program has brought all of the in-house expertise to the table in grant writing, financing, tax credit monetization, installation, and so much more. Unlike other companies, Sun Farmer’s Group empowers farmers with a no-money down solution that greatly reduces and eventually eliminates your power bill altogether. The future of hog farming is as bright as the sun, and we’ll help you turn it into power!

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