Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

What are the pros and cons of solar energy for farmers? 

Has the neverending rise of energy costs lead you to consider solar power for your farm or business? Have you heard about or even experienced the downside of solar energy? At Sun Farmer’s Group, we understand that many farmers have already had a negative experience with solar energy. Whether it was a rushed installation or an astronomical upfront cost just to get started, you’ve heard the horror stories. In this article, we’ll go through some of the cons of solar energy for farmers. Furthermore, we’ll take it a step further and talk to you about how Sun Farmer’s Group has turned those cons into pros and is leading the charge in the solar revolution. 

Solar energy is not tailored for farmers

At the beginning of the residential solar trend, the systems were not created with farmers’ unique needs in mind. Companies were installing solutions that were ineffective for the agricultural industry that ultimately failed. Sun Farmer’s Group is a team made up of the sons and daughters of America’s farmers. We know the unique challenges that our country’s growers face every day and exactly how much power it takes to make your farm run efficiently so that you can start enjoying bigger profit margins. That’s why our team developed the only true turnkey solar solution for farmers to help you start saving money by empowering you with American-grown solar. 

Solar energy is not affordable

This is the big one. A door-to-door salesperson may have pitched you a solar solution years ago that was so out of reach cost wise that you kept the door shut for all of the other ones who followed. That’s exactly why Sun Farmer’s Group decided to bring all of the financing and grant writing experts in house to help you take advantage of state and federal programs that take solar energy from a pipe dream to a cost-saving solution that will help you turn a growing expense into newfound cash flow for your family farm. At the end of the day, our focus is to save you money so that you can make your farm profitable for generations to come. 

Have to put up land as collateral to afford solar

You’ve probably heard of friends or family members being stuck with no other option than to put up land as collateral and taking negative equity to afford the upfront cost of solar. Our unique tax credit solutions and market unique financing options work so that you don’t have to give up precious land in order to start a project. No matter what, our goal is to ultimately eliminate your growing power bill with an affordable solution that will eventually eliminate a large portion of your power cost altogether.  

No way to maintain the system or to verify a proper installation

Many solar installers implement systems that are too large or too small for your specific farm. Every farm is a different size and has a unique capacity, so why should your solar system be treated as a one-size-fits-all project? Sun Farmer’s Group has a team of experts who take a deep dive into your billing and demand charges to create a customized solar solution that is tailored to your exact needs, leaving you with a farm that is more profitable and sustainable than ever before. 

Limited access to grant money

The grant landscape can be difficult to navigate alone. Even farmers who have had grants lined up may have lost access to that money at some point or hit roadblocks that made moving forward frustrating and discouraging. The grant writing experts at Sun Farmer’s Group are at the forefront of all of the latest federal and state grant opportunities and know the tricks to expedite the process and maximize the amount of money you get toward your solar project. 

And this is just the beginning for Sun Farmer’s Group. We are constantly finding new and exciting ways to save you money and help you start unlocking the power of the sun. If you’re ready to finally declare your energy independence, get in touch with us today! 


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