Understanding Consumer Behavior and Their Relationship with Sustainable Energy Solutions

Do you ever wonder how much consumers actually care about sustainability when purchasing products? Is today’s buyer specifically motivated to purchase when a company advertises a “green” product? Should your business be focusing on sustainability?

The truth is that the modern consumer wants to know what your business is doing behind the curtain and what steps you’re taking to make yourself stand out from the competition, including sustainability efforts. At Sun Farmer’s Group, we understand a healthy amount of skepticism and disbelief that surrounds the solar conversation, especially as it pertains to America’s farmers and growers. In this article, you will learn how you can tap into consumer behaviors and how integrating a sustainable plan can have a positive impact on the finances of your farm or business.


Shoppers Pay More for Sustainable Products

It seems like a hard sell. Why would a consumer be motivated to pay more for one product simply because of how it arrived on the shelf? Aren’t shoppers always looking for great deals? In recent years, Americans have taken a keen interest in the entire life cycle of a product. More importantly, they want to know whether or not the product they are buying was made with sustainability in mind. A recent study from McKinsey and NielsenIQ suggests that roughly 60% of buyers would be motivated to pay more for a product with sustainable packaging. Let’s think about that. Over half of all buyers will pay your company more money if they see sustainability listed somewhere on it. Adding a Sun Farmer’s Group official seal to your packaging that lets people know your product was grown, manufactured, or produced with solar energy might be the key that encourages them to reach for yours over the competition. 


Sustainability Isn’t Going Anywhere

There was a time when people believed the internet was a fad that would eventually die out. And since we know that didn’t happen, you can think of sustainability the same way. Whether it’s political discourse or a piece of marketing material at your local retailer, sustainability has permeated every corner of Western culture. Many consumers consider themselves conscious buyers who want to make a purchase that they can feel good about on an ethical level. In fact, NielsenIQ’s study revealed that 78% of US consumers claim that living a sustainable life is important to them. We have every reason to believe that this percentage will continue to increase year over year with the newest generations being the most sustainably-minded yet. Businesses and operators who embrace sustainability instead of waiting for the trend to fade away will be better prepared and equipped to handle the demands of an informed customer. 


Solar Saves Money

Since we’ve covered the fact that sustainability efforts can net a wider profit at the end of the funnel, what about the backend costs? Isn’t implementing solar expensive and time-consuming? Without a doubt, the answer used to always be a resounding ‘yes.’ Sun Farmer’s Group has streamlined the process, helping you with everything from grant writing, tax laws, system planning, and implementation all under one roof. We like to think of this as the only true turnkey solar solution. At the end of the day, the goal is to take a growing energy expense and eliminate it. Full stop. Whether you are a small town farmer or an industrial manufacturer, we can create a custom-tailored approach that will save money, do better for the planet, and drive your business into a more profitable, prosperous future. 

Source: mckinsey.com

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